An invitation to love

The Institute’s goal is to promote love – the love that already resides in us. We believe it just needs to be more unveiled and engaged. We believe in giving of self, treating another person with love and respect, lies the key to a ‘good life’ – a life based on solidarity, peace and happiness. That is what we ultimately aim for. By expanding the idea of love from the narrow domain and dearest to all humanity we engage in a politics of love in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and the 1960s hippie movement.

Sadly our Western society has somehow become more individualistic, even narcissistic. Solidarity appears to be a buzzword from older times. Getting the newest gadgets as fast and cheap as possible has become a never-ending mantra. It does not matter if people or even the whole planet is dying. We just turn around and wait and see. Someone will take care. We have our doubt if this someone will ever appear. We want a better world – and we can do it. Change rests in us.

The Institute promotes to re-focus attention. We believe that dignity rests not in the newest technological wizardry. In contrast, we believe that all expressions of solidarity, empathy, loyalty and respect to other persons are at the heart of human dignity. We view them as expressions of love. We believe that all expressions of the different ways of love, from celebration to attentive listening, to creativity and helping are at the heart of a ‘good life’. Our goal is to center-stage them, celebrate them, give them a new space and promote what we view life is really about.

The Institute promotes to re-focus attention to the beauty of Nature. Love politics does not end in respectful and careful social relations as love does not end in the vessels of our body. The distinction between society and Nature has always been a modern and artificial one. We are part of Nature and Nature is part of us. So we take of it as pachamama takes care of us.

The Institute wants to increase awareness and consciousness for the beauty that lies around us. How often do we still look at the stars without explanation, enjoying just the silence of that very moment? How often do we look at the flames of campfire, watching just how silent and fast they create their ways through the night? There so many things around we tend to forget. Yet, we just need to look, feel, hear and taste more closely.

The Institute wants to encourage you to be open-minded and to discover yourself. The Institute views that is is important to challenge your own as much as widley shared ideas. This implies, however, also respect and appreciation for other ideas. We believe in living together rather than against one another.

Since we only live once, the Institute is dedicated to promote the ‘good’ life here and now. What is good is, of course, everyone’s choice and depends on anyone’s personal circumstances. Anyway, we view the way to go is a more conscious and community-orientated way of living where people take each other seriously – but, of course, not too seriously. Overall, life is about fun; we all want to live a happy life.

Help us to build-up the global ‘network of love’ and love will spread. Sharing is caring.
Love, peace and happiness.


The Institute 

Institute of Love

We co-create events and gatherings. The Institute is an empty container. It is open to your initative.
The Institute invites you to engage, to play, to explore, to reflect, to have fun. We all have talents and skills.
Let's make the best out of them: Let' share, learn, collaborate.


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Institute of Love

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