Principles & Initiatives

Participation: the Institute of Love is the result of co-creation – it is by you and for you. Your interest, participation and contribution are what bring the Institute alive. You have an idea? Share it! You want to try something? Involve others! You have a talent? Show us and teach us!
Self-expression: we believe in the freedom to be yourself. The Institute is a space for creativity and exploration. Become who you are, with all your facets, in all your expressions.
Leave no trace: we care for each other and this planet, and place a strong emphasis on sustainability. We bring and contribute what we need, and we clean up after ourselves.
Inclusion: everyone is welcome! Everyone is valued and important, and we treat each other with respect and tolerance
true friends
Community: we support each other and the community we are a part of. Together we create a diverse network that is united by tolerance and joy, and shared experiences.
Respect: we respect ourselves, each other, and nature. The Institute does not make a profit, because we refuse to profit from each other: we only benefit from shared joy and love.
a whole year
Joy: bring the joy! The Institute is a place to live in the now, embrace the unexpected, and to feel all the feelings - including the wonderfulness that is joy!

Image Gallery

Museum des Kapitalismus

Capitalism was not always here and it will not stay forever - fortunately. As a historical and social product capitalism is constantly changing. Check out what capitalism was at the bottom-up museum 'Museum des Kapitalismus' in Berlin.
Museum des Kapitalismus


Climate Change is the consequence of disconnection. The disconnection of humans and nature, of politics and people, product and producer. It is a consequence of a disconnection between the farm and the fork, of production and consumption. A consequence of the disconnections caused by national boundaries that put national interest before global solidarity. This charming group of activists seeks to re-connect people and places, local and global initiatives by cycling from Copenhagen to Paris - the place where this year's climate conference takes place - to remember people: there is no planet B.

Welcome Dinner Berlin

Millions of people are in search for peace and security. Having thousands of kilometers behind them not speak of their home and family, a lot of them are exhausted. They deserve a warm welcome. And a warm welcome starts with a meal! To connect with refugees in Berlin and give them a first anchor, prepare a meal. This is love.
Welcome Dinner Berlin

Love Fellows

The Institute has a long history, a history that goes back to at least 1782 (research is still ongoing).
Here you will find some of the most famous Love Fellows.
Mahatma Ghandi was one of the first Love Fellows of the Institute and is probably one of its most famous ones. Ghandi argued that love is the answer and preached nonviolent civil disobedience, leading to the independence of India and inspiring movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. 
Martin Luther King had a dream – a dream that, unfortunately, has still not realized given the ongoing systematic discrimination towards Afro-americans worldwide. And, yet, his non-violent activities remain an inspiration. Martin became Love Fellow in 1963.
Mr Bob Marley was the institute’s first professional songwriter. His song ‘One Love’, dedicated to the Institute and released in 1965, became a global hit. Throughout his life, Bob remained closely connected with the Institute and its mission. His music and spirituality still lives with us.

Institute of Love

We co-create events and gatherings. The Institute is an empty container. It is open to your initative.
The Institute invites you to engage, to play, to explore, to reflect, to have fun. We all have talents and skills.
Let's make the best out of them: Let' share, learn, collaborate.


love letters

Institute of Love

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