Ine Güemes & Juan Nazar

26/06/2019 8:00 pm

Dear Love Fellows and friends,

we cordially invite you to another lovely living room concert: This time with the wonderful Ine Güemes & Juan Nazar.

Ine & Juan are two powerful singer-songwriters from Patagonia, Argentina. Inspired by the landscape of Argentina – its wild forests, steep mountains and deep blue lakes – and their travels across the colorful Southamerican country and continent, their music combines traditional Argentinian folk music with elements from swing, bossa, funk and rock. Equipped with their guitars, Ine & Juan are currently on their European Tour to promote their recent album(s). We are most proud to have them with us for what will be magical and cozy concert.

For a first impression check them out on youtube:
"Luna del monte ":
“Toda la poesia”:

or simply pass by!

Where? Pillauerstr.5, 10243 Berlin (Friedrichshain)
Bell: Wells/Frank (top floor/5th floor)

When? Doors: 20:30
Concert: 21:00h (sharp!)

The concert is for free but we will pass around a magic hat to collect donations.

Please note that seats are limited, so first come, first serve!
Also, please bring your own drinks and pillows if you want, and - most importantly - please come in time! Due to the neighbors we truly start in time.

Kindly note to DO NOT disturb this magic concert by RINGING the BELL AFTER 21:00. Thanks a lot!

With love,

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