Clara del’Oro

23/11/2019 8:00 pm

Dear Love Fellows and friends,

we cordially would like to invite you to share with us another wonderful living room concert. We are extremely pleased to have Clara Dell´Oro DÚO with us.

Clara Dell´Oro DÚO is the result of an Argentine encounter in Spain. Clara (voice + guitar) is a singer-songwriter and Julián (keyboard) a composer, pianist, and producer, both from Buenos Aires. They met in Barcelona and started the duet. It shaped into a project that fuses unusual bluesy melodies with the rhythms of jazz, funk, and bossa.

Clara's powerfully flowing voice and theatrical flair infused with her South American heritage blend with Julian´s formal (and eclectic) training which includes classical, folklore, tango and jazz music among other diverse styles. The duo marries the academy and latin-american tradition with the color and life of the land and brings forth a mestizo avant-garde.

A performance, the likes of which can be only found transmuted through the alchemy of Clara Dell´Oro DÚO.

Date? November 23
Where? Graefestrasse 38

When? Doors: 20:00h
Beginn: 20:30h (sharp!)

The concert is for free but we will pass around a magic hat to collect donations.

Anything else?
Please note that seats are limited, so first come, first serve!
Also, please bring your own drinks and pillows if you want, and - most importantly - please come in time! Due to the neighbors we truly start in time.
After the concert we might move to our bar of choice in the area.

Most important:
Kindly note to DO NOT disturb this magic concert by RINGING the BELL AFTER 20:30. Thanks a lot!

With love,

The Love Institute

Graefestrasse 38
Created on: October 22, 2019 

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