Get involved

The  Institute, just like most grass-root movements, is entirely based on our members involvement.
Inspiring  and/or hosting Workshops, Dinners and of course living-room concerts.
So dont wait up, do as so many of us already did! 
Get involved!
here is how!

Take the time to take part in the big institue survey

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Inspire an Event

The institute invites artists and creators to perform or 
expose their work at the Institute.
This way if you wish to perform. 
Perform at the Institute

Host an event

The Institute is based around the idea of cooperation
All events are hosted by volunteers.
This way if you want to host an event at your house
Host an event

Have no time? 
What else can I do?

Help preserve this Institution of Love,  by making a donation.
100% goes to the cause. 
We have invested hundreds of hours in organising Concerts, Workshops, festivals and  Dinners. All based on voluntarism. Most of the time we end up inputing our time and money, since the donations at the concert go entirely to the artists. 
 donate now

Recieve Love letters

We will always love you 
and keep you informed about upcoming concerts!

Join the Movement

Register as a Love Fellow

Institute of Love

We co-create events and gatherings. The Institute is an empty container. It is open to your initative.
The Institute invites you to engage, to play, to explore, to reflect, to have fun. We all have talents and skills.
Let's make the best out of them: Let' share, learn, collaborate.


love letters

Institute of Love

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